Michel Marie DEZA 

Retired Directeur de Recherche au CNRS et Directeur du LIGA (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Geometrie Appliquee); Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

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Origine du nom: Diego DEZA, 1444-1523, protector of Columbus.
Vilna Gaon, 1720-1797, grand^9-father, gematria-derived pi as 333/106=3.1415094...     
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Michel Marie Deza died on the night of 23 November 2016 in a fire in his appartment. This page is now maintained by Mathieu Dutour Sikirić
Special issues published in memory of Michel Deza: Special conferences in memory of Michel Deza:


  • Goldberg-Coxeter Construction for 3- or 4-valent plane graphs
  • Wythoff construction and l_1-embedding
  • Fullerenes: applications and generalizations (Com2Mac Preprint 2005-38)
  • Polycycles and their boundaries
  • Polycycles and face-regular two-maps
  • Elementary polycycles and applications
  • Voronoi $L$-types and Hypermetrics (Com2Mac Preprint 2007-16)
  • Zigzags and Central Circuits for 3- or 4-valent plane graphs (Com2Mac Preprint 2007-19) and video (Bled, 2007)
  • Some problems, I care most (lecture) and article
  • Distances in Pattern Recognition (at DAAD Summer School 2007)
  • Quasi-metrics and Oriented Hypercubes
  • Geometry of Virus Structure
  • Space Fullerenes
  • 8 families of ({a,b},k)-spheres
  • Extended Family of Fullerenes and Lego-like Maps

  • International Conference on Current Trends in Graph Theory and Computation (September 2016, New Delhi, India)

    Symmetry Festival 2016 (July 2016, Vienna, Austria)

    12th Meeting of the International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry and International Conference on Mathematical Chemistry (July 2016, Tianjin, China)

    SEE GSI2015 2nd Conference: Geometric Science of Information (October 2015, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)

    CSD 7: Computers in Scientific Discovery 7 (July 2015, Richmond VA, US)

    CMMSE 2015 : 15th Int. Conference on Computational and Mathematical methods in Science and Engineering (July 2015, Rota-Cadiz, Spain)

    XIII Int. Conference: Algebra, Theory of Numbers and Discrete Geometry (May 2015, Tula State University, Russia)

    Many Faces of Distances (October 2014, Campinas, Brazil)

    International Conference on Interdisciplinary Mathematics (November 2013, Fukuoka, Japan)

    SEE GSI2013 Conference: Geometric Science of Information (August 2013, Ecole de Mines, Paris)

    Workshop on Distance Geometry and Applications (June 2013, Manaus, Brazil)

    Mathematics of Distances and Applications (July 2012, Varna, Bulgaria); Proceedings

    Lectures in Seminaire Leon Brillouin (May, 2012, Paris): slides, audio; video

    Lecture in Fields Institute (September, 2011,Toronto): slides, audio

    Symmetry, Special Issues "Tesselations", vol. 22-1,2 and vol. 22-3,4 (2011); Preface; online issue 22-3,4

    Proceedings of 70th birthday of Shum Kar-Ping: Cones of Weighted and Partial Metrics

    My 70th birthday conference: proceedings, preface, lecture

    European Journal of Combinatorics: former (1980-2009) Editor-in-Chief; Online access

    European Academy of Sciences: former (2007-2011) Vice President,

    International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry

    Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications: Founding Fellow

    International Symmetry Association: Advisory Board


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    11 Franco-Japanese workshops (history); Conferences on Distances (history)


    Michel Deza: poems and interviews, Probel-2000, Moscow, 2014 (in Russian): .pdf; reviews by Olga Balla and by Nikolai Skvortzov

    Michel Deza: 75--77, Probel-2000, Moscow, 2016 (in Russian): .pdf

    Ars Mathematica Contemporanea, Board of Advisors

    Asian-European Journal of Mathematics, Editorial Board

    Chebyshevskij sbornik, Editorial Board

    Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Editorial Board

    Current Research in Computer Science, Editorial Board

    Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, Editorial Board

    International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Editorial Board

    International Journal of Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Editorial Board

    International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking, Editorial Board

    Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, Editorial Board

    ISRN Discrete Mathematics, Editorial Board

    Journal of Mathematical Nanoscience, Editorial Board

    Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, Editorial Board

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    Journal of Modern Mathematics Frontier, Editorial Board

    SYMMETRY: Culture and Science, Advisory Board

    Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics, Editorial Board

    The Open Mathematics Journal, Editorial Advisory Board

    RECENT BOOKS: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.fr;

  • Geometry of Cuts and Metrics (Springer, 1997):

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    Russian translation (Moscow, MCNMO, 2001): .pdf

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  • Scale-Isometric Polytopal Graphs in Hypercubes and Cubic Lattices
    (Imperial College Press and World Scientific, 2004):

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    Encyclopedia of Distances: Corrections, Additions and Updates

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  • Geometric Structure of Chemistry-Relevant Graphs (Springer, 2015),

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    Geometric Structure of Chemistry-Relevant Graphs: Corrections, Additions and Updates

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  • Combinatorics and Computer Science, edited by M.Deza, R.Euler, Y.Manoussakis, 1996 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1120), E-book
  • Special Issue of the Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (Vol. 86-2 dedicated to R.G.Stanton): Algebra and Geometry of Designs, edited by C.J.Colbourn and M.Deza (2000)
  • Special Issue of Theoretical Computer Science (Vol. 235/2): Combinatorics and Optimization, edited by M.Deza, Y.Manoussakis, J.M.Steyaert (2000)
  • Special Issue of Theoretical Computer Science (Vol. 263/1-2), edited by G.Chang, M.Deza, Y.Manoussakis, J.M.Steyaert (2001)
  • Selected Special Issues of EuJC: 14-3 (dedicated to B.Lindstrom), 14-5 (association schemes), 21-1 (polytopes), 17-2,3 and 21-6 (metric spaces)
  • Com2Mac Mini-workshop on two-face embeddings of graphs and applications, edited by M.Deza and J.H.Kwak (2004)
  • Mathematics of Distances and Applications, edited by M.Deza, M.Petijean and K.Markov (2012)


    SELECTED PAPERS grouped by subject matter

  • 227: Isometric embedding of Archimedean Wythoff polytopes into hypercubes
  • 234: Graphs 4n that are isometrically embeddable in hypercubes
  • 220: Isometric embedding of mosaics into cubic lattices
  • 171: Uniform partitions of 3-space, their relatives and embedding
  • 174: Embedding of regular tilings and star-honeycombs
  • 169: Embedding of chemical graphs
  • 156: Fullerenes and coordination polyhedra versus half-cube embeddings
  • 176: Three, four and five-dimensional fullerenes
  • 172: Icosahedral fulleroids
  • 214: Knots and railroads in fullerenes
  • 211:Zones and Petri circuits of icosahedral fullerenes
  • 182: Fullerenes as tilings of surfaces
  • 189: Pentaheptite modifications of the hexagonal sheet
  • 224: Addition patterns in carbon allotropes: d-codes in Klein graph
  • 193: Addition patterns, codes and contact graphs for fullerene derivatives
  • 199: Codes in Archimedean and Catalan polyhedra
  • 243: PSL(2,11) and 3-regular carbon network of genus 26
  • 157: Clin d'oeil on l1-embeddable planar graphs
  • 126: l1-rigid graphs
  • 147: A note on l1-rigid planar graphs
  • 148: Recognition of the l1-graphs with complexity O(mn) or Football in a hypercube
  • 139: Complementary l1-Graphs and Related Combinatorial Structures
  • 103: New Results on Facets of the Cut Cone
  • 108: Facets for the cut cone I
  • 117: Facets for the cut cone III
  • 109: Clique-web facets for multicut polytopes
  • 127: Applications of cut polyhedra
  • 153: The cut cone, l1-embedding, complexity and multicommodity flaws
  • 102: On Skeletons, Diameters and Volumes of Metric Polyhedra
  • 144: The combinatorial structure of small cut and metric polytopes
  • 121: Hypercube embedding of generalized bipartite metrics
  • 155: The skeleton of the 120-cell is not 5-gonal
  • 187: On equicut graphs
  • 165: A generalization of strongly regular graphs
  • 161: Metrics on permutations
  • 213: Lower bounds for embedding edit distance into normed spaces
  • 98: Metric transform and Euclidean embedding
  • 89: Classification of finite hypermetric spaces
  • 114: The hypermetric cone is polyhedral
  • 166: Hypermetric 2-distance spaces
  • 205: The hypermetric cone on seven vertices
  • 178: n-semimetrics
  • 190: Small cones of n-hemimetrics
  • 204: Cones of metrics, hemimetrics and supermetrics
  • 180: Quasi-metrics and directed multicuts
  • 280: Small cones of oriented semi-metrics
  • 198: Clusters of cycles
  • 202: Extremal and non-extendible polycycles
  • 234: Non-extendible finite polycycles
  • 225: Archimedean polycycles
  • 209: Criterion of embedding of (r,q)-polycycles (in Russian)
  • 210: Metrics of constant curvature on polycycles
  • 238: Elementary elliptic $(R,q)$-polycycles
  • 221: On simplicial and cubical complexes with short links
  • 222: Zigzag structure of complexes
  • 216: Zigzag Structure of Simple Bifaced Polyhedra
  • 215: 4-valent plane graphs with 2-, 3- and 4-gonal faces
  • 218: Goldberg-Coxeter construction for 3- or 4-valent plane graphs
  • 212: Octahedrites
  • 167: Zoo of l1-embeddable polyhedra
  • 168: Face-regular bifaced polyhedra
  • 179: Lists of face-regular polyhedra
  • 189: Face-regular bifaced tilings
  • 239: Boundary uniqueness of polypentagons
  • 223: Filling of a given boundary by p-gons and related problems
  • Face-regular 3-valent two-faced spheres and tori
  • 191: Boundary sequences
  • 194: Maps of p-gons with a ring of q-gons
  • 136: Odd systems and lattices
  • 192: Quadratic forms of rank 1, zones and laminae
  • 207: Non-rigidity degree of root lattices and their duals
  • 132: Lattice-free polytopes and their diameters
  • 143: Delaunay polytopes of cut lattices
  • 128: L-polytopes and equiangular lines
  • 146: Cut lattices and equiangular lines
  • 150: Once more about 80 Steiner triple systems on 15 points
  • 160: Voronoi L-decomposition of PSD_n
  • 163: Embeddings of Voronoi and Delaunay partitions
  • 203: On Voronoi's conjecture and space-tiling zonotopes
  • 206: Properties of parallelotopes equivalent to Voronoi's conjecture
  • 219: More on 52 4-dimensional parallelotopes
  • 127a: Applications of cut polyhedra. I
  • 127b:Applicationsof cut polyhedra. II
  • 106: The inequicut cone
  • 116: The even and odd cut polytopes
  • 107: Collapsing and lifting for the cut cone
  • 124: Extension operations for cuts
  • 96: A survey on (n, k, d; q)-codes meeting the Griesmer bound and min.hypers
  • 91: A characterization of some min.hypers and its applications
  • 92: Characterization of {2(q+1)+2,2;t,q}- min.hypers in PG(t, q)
  • 42: Generalized intersection patterns and two-symbol balanced arrays
  • 97: Bouquets of geometric lattices: some algebraic and topological aspects
  • 83: Bouquet of matroids and diagramms
  • 76: Injection geometries
  • 79: On squashed designs
  • 75: Sharp sets of permutations
  • 64: Sharply edge-transitive permutation groups
  • 88: Intersection theorems in permutation groups.
  • 65: t-distance sets of (0,+1,-1)-vectors
  • 78: Bounds on the maximum number of vectors with given scalar products
  • 62: Every large set of equidistant vectors form a sunflower
  • 40: Bounds for permutation arrays
  • 38: Coding with permutations
  • 31: On the maximum number of permutations with given maximal or minimal distance
  • 20: Matrices dont deux lignes quelconque coincident dans un nombre donne de positions
  • 94: Loops of clutters
  • 100: Positive independence and enumeration of codes
  • 120: Projecting a simplex onto another one
  • 86: Helly type theorem for hypersurfaces
  • 74: On functions of strength t
  • 73: Sections of varieties over finite fields
  • 18: Extension de quelques theoremes sur les densites de series d'elements de N a des series de sous-ensembles finis de N
  • 12: Bref compte rendu des resultats lies au probleme de la comparaison des bruits additifs avec un nombre donne de combinaisons de bruits
  • 11: Une propriete extremale des plans projectifs finis dans une classe de codes equidistants
  • 15: Solution d'un probleme de Erdos-Lovasz


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